Drone Systems ApS

Better strategic planning of the district heating plants’ pipe renovation Drone Systems ApS is Denmark’s first licensed drone company performing thermographic mapping of district heating grids. It is the only company that can make a complete thermal mapping from a drone which requires significantly less resources than a plane. It has proved to be an idea that has already been very well received by the district heating companies.

Simple, fast and efficient With a special thermographic camera, Drone Systems can map the state of even the smallest pipelines from a height of 60-120 meters. That means places which are otherwise impossible, and where there are many leaks. Branch pipes, internal distribution pipes, grass areas, etc. It will only take about one week before the district heating system accesses the collected data via a cloud-based solution. All data is on a map where you can select and click on a point that looks critical. No long state reports, as all data can be found on the map – to the smallest detail. After that, the district heating company can go further down in the system and add remarks to the various categories that may be critical points. The system has been developed in close cooperation with several district heating companies to ensure that the software in the system fully matches the needs of the individual district heating companies.

Great savings and full overview TeraPlan must be easy to work with for the district heating companies and contribute to efficiency and create value growth in almost all Danish district heating companies. The system can be used to more than just detecting leaks. It can form the basis for determining where and when to renovate. In this way, several of the customers have been assured that there is no need for a major refurbishment of the grid over the next several years. When you have data on the state of the entire supply grid, it is easy to make budgets and long-term planning.

Drone Systems consists of Sune Yde Nielsen, Founder, Drone Operator, Technical Manager Henrik Karmisholt Grosen, co-owner, drone operator, software and IT engineer Michael Noer-Hvarre, co-owner, drone operator, Sales & Marketing



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Drone Systems ApS

Knudrisgade 52, 1
8000 Ã…rhus C
Tlf.: +45 6016 9602
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Buy sildenafil online canada


Michael Noer-Hvarre
Managing Director/CMO

Tlf.: 6016 9602