BWT produces and installs water treatment systems. We support you with reliable corrosion protection in the entire system by removing all oxygen in the feed/make-up water using catalytic deoxidation. Furthermore, we demineralise the boiler feed/make-up water using softening + reverse osmosis or ion exchange.

Besides the production of standardised systems, we offer to engineer and produce customised large-scale projects. We are characterised by creative and unique solutions of high quality. We want to provide financially and environmentally optimised projects with the best water quality according to the customer’s needs.

BWT Denmark, former HOH Water Technology, was established in 1975 and holds strong skills in advanced water treatment. We employ more than 200 people and have +€50 million yearly turnover in Scandinavia. BWT in Denmark is today a part of the group BWT – Best Water Technology. BWT is Europe’s leading company within water treatment technologies.
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Line of business:

District heating
Waste incineration
Combined heat & power production (CHP)

Countries of interest:

All countries


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Lars Klein

Project Manager
Lars Klein
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Thomas Nyman Larsen

Project Director
Thomas N. Larsen
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