ARC energising Copenhagen

We manage the resources of the waste, so that we provide rycycled materials, electricity and district heating back to the residents and the city. We are pleased with our central location and we strive to be a valued neighbor who listens to and involve neighbors and nearby communities.

With the construction of Amager Bakke, we are creating a multi-functional, social and cultural waste-to-energy plant with an emphasis on sustainability.The residents of the capital area will get, aside from more green energy, access to first class architecture and a new modern recreational opportunity – and Copenhagen will have a new green landmark.

Our recycling stations are under constant development and make it easy to sort and recycle materials, which benefit the environment and climate. Our recycling stations receive more than 1.000.000 visits a year. ARC receives and processes waste from approximately 550.000 residents and 45.000 businesses and in turn deliver electricity and district heating to approximately 150.000 households.

The population of Copenhagen is increasing. This requires innovative thinking and alternative solutions. Amager Bakke represents – with its pioneering, multi-functional industrial architecture – an ambitious proposal for how a green energy facility can be combined with recreational areas that encourage adventure, fun and play.

The success criterion for ARC is that the new city park is a vibrant urban area where clubs and residents meet and where a number of recreational facilities help to promote an active lifestyle. Amager Bakke represents a modern take on sustainable urban development and we look forward to 2017 when the new plant will be ready.

We are constantly working to improve our services and energy production for the benefit of our customers, so that we match future requirements for waste and resource treatment. On the basis of high levels of service and knowledge-based solutions, we will manage the waste in the future to come.


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