With more than 100 years of history, ALECTIA is one of Denmark’s leading consulting companies. Our trademark is consultancy based on engineering expertise and a sharp understanding of the customer’s business. Within this field of knowledge, we offer sustainable and interdisciplinary solutions, creating lasting value for our customers – both in Denmark and the rest of the world. We specialize in a variety of industries and sectors, and solve problems within construction and plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, breweries, dairies, food products, work environment and water, energy and environment.

 ALECTIA is a consultant for private and public companies wishing to implement optimal energy solutions or optimize existing conditions. With energy audit, we identify customer opportunities for optimization and we offer advice based on the latest knowledge and best experiences when we present solutions. We design the chosen solutions and solve the tasks in cooperation with our customers and we make sure that our work is done safely without compromising quality, through regular audits.

We offer advice about district heating, refrigeration, steam and heating systems, cryogenic and compressed air systems, engine interior, groundwater cooling and district cooling, industrial wastewater, energy audits and compressed air stations, etc. As leading consultants in cooling, we combine our know-how with the strong industry knowledge we have within process industry, and we offer advise on process optimization of industrial wastewater treatment plants, including online management.

 ALECTIA also issues energy labels and is appointed by the Danish Energy Agency to carry out the new energy labeling process. We also support organizations’ need to monitor developments in their CO2 emissions by implementing CO2 accounts.

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District cooling
District heating
Energy efficiency


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Frank Hansen

Head of Department

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Hans Palle

Chief Consultant, Refrigeration (BSc.Mech.Eng.hon)

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Torben Holm

Chief Consultant

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