AEROVIT – the clean way to clean boilers.

AEROVIT produces a patented system for continuous cleaning of heating surfaces. AEROVIT is a highly developed and effective system for removal of soot and deposits from boilers, using compressed air to create computerized shock waves of immense power. Continuous cleaning results in proven higher efficiency and higher boiler output. Furthermore it cuts expenses to fuel and decreases the number of manually cleaning with 80-100%. AEROVIT can be applied to high-temperature areas and to boilers with corrosive flue gases due to the patented cooling system. AEROVIT has been on the market since 1992 and has delivered more than 1000 systems to boiler manufactures and other satisfied customers all around the world. This has given us the necessary experience to continuously developing the AEROVIT system to be the most effective and reliable system on the market today.


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