Workshop and webinar organized byHeatNet NWE

Two district heating events are coming up soon: A workshop “Decarbonising cities with geothermal district heating: how to finance it?” organised on 13th December in Brussels. We organise this workshop in the framework of the HeatNet NWE project, in collaboration with the Georisk project and the Covenant of Mayors. You can register using this link. […]

Copenhill in two minutes

The ambitions were sky-high already in the planning stage: The new plant was to be the cleanest and most energy-efficient waste-to-energy plant in the entire world. Just as its predecessor the plant was to generate power and heating from waste as efficiently and cleanly as possible. But the ambitions went further. Instead of building a […]

Global profile from offshore wind to lead Ramboll’s 1,800 energy experts

Michael Thorndahl Simmelsgaard is the new managing director for Ramboll’s global energy division  First of January 2020 a strong leader with an impressive track record in the international energy industry will take the lead of Ramboll’s global energy division covering more than 1,800 experts across 14 countries. Michael T. Simmelsgaard is replacing Thomas Rand who […]

Europe’s greenest city district?

Vauban, Germany, a city district in Freiburg, is the most sustainable town in Europe. The “solar ship” in Vauban is the first housing community in the world in which all the homes produce a positive energy balance. The solar ship is part of Vauban’s solar settlement, helping make the town one of Europe’s most significant […]

LOGSTOR presents recycled material in district heating pipes

As a the market leader in the pre-insulated pipe industry, LOGSTOR has taken an important step towards a more sustainable future, with the development of district heating pipes wholly or partially produced from recycled material. See press release