DroneInspektion: thermal inspection for Eco Toplane

Eco Toplane in Banja Luka has just received data analysis from our thermal inspection of their District Heating pipeline, back to the end of March. Their work now consists in prioritizing our categorization of fractures and damage to their pipeline – which are critical and which can wait for other repairs must be done? More […]

New research partnership aims to make the green energy system smarter

Denmark’s four technical universities join forces in an unusual major project that will result in a flexible energy system and save billions of EUR by means of artificial intelligence. Denmark aims to be independent of coal, oil and gas by 2050, and in parallel with increasing electrification of its infrastructure and heating sector, this means […]

New heat storage pit must be re- and discharged 25 times annually

VEKS and Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme will establish a heat storage pit of 70,000 cubic meters. The parties state that it is the first time that heat storage pit is used in one of the very large district heating systems in Denmark and that it is a development project. The heat store must be close to the […]

The Herald: Scotland must tap into district heating like Denmark

District heating feeds into 90% of homes in Copenhagen When a very good idea gets loads of traction in Scandinavia and very little in Scotland, it is worth pausing to ask why the discrepancy exists. As Paul Steen, head of department at district heating specialists Ramboll notes, in Denmark 60% of the buildings are connected […]

Digitization to prepare electricity grid for green transition

Over the next four years, four Danish universities—headed by DTU—will conduct research into how increased digitization of the electricity grid and energy supply may promote the green transition. The entry of electric cars on the Danish market, the construction of new data centres, more heat pumps, and increased electrification in manufacturing companies. These are just […]