New statistics for the Danish district heating sector

Exports of district heating has reached a record high level despite stagnation in employment. The district heating sector is preparing for years of growth, according to the publication of this year’s industry statistics. Read the publication (Danish): Branchestatistik 2019

New edition of Russian Hot Cool

In our new edition of Russian-language version of Hot Cool, you can read articles about the secret of district cooling by Ramboll; the changing requirements for the district heating generations by Danfoss; total cost of ownership by Logstor; water treatment and corrosion prevention in district heating by Eurowater; new biomass technology to ensure cheap district heating […]

Turkey targets 2,000 MW geothermal power generation capacity by 2020

According to the Turkish Geothermal Power Plant Investors Association (JESDER), Turkey plans to increase its geothermal power generation capacity to 2,000 MW by 2020, an increase of nearly 50% compared to year-end 2018. Turkey wants to make better use of its geothermal energy potential and aims to achieve a geothermal based power generation capacity of […]

Stones may be the answer to storing excess green power

When it comes to sustainable energy technology, Denmark can still show the way One of the fundamental problems facing alternative energy companies producing wind and solar power is that sometimes there is too much of it and at other times too little. Researchers worldwide have been grappling with the problem of how to store excess […]

Header-and-coil technology celebrates 10 years leakage-free operation with Aalborg CSP heat exchangers

The Aalborg CSP header-and-coil technology celebrates its 10-years leakage free anniversary in 2019. The company’s first header-and-coil type heat exchangers, used in the Solnova plants near Sevilla in Spain, has a unique design, which is well-known from conventional and power plant boilers. The design reduces the thermal stress profile on the equipment and thereby eliminates […]