Aalborg CSP secures flat panel order for industrial solar heating plant in Denmark

From this summer and onwards, thousands of people travelling across the Great Belt in Denmark will get to see renewable energy in full bloom in the shape of a 11,733 m² solar field. The Danish renewable energy specialist, Aalborg CSP, has landed the project and will be delivering an 8 MWth solar district heating plant […]

Study: Majority of Ireland’s heat demand could be covered by district heating networks

A major study into Ireland’s heating sector has found that up to 57% of the country’s total heat demand could be covered by district heating networks, if the necessary government regulations are in place. The results of the ‘Heat Atlas for Ireland’ study will be presented at the Irish District Energy Association’s first ever national […]

Innovative installation can produce three times as much energy as traditional solar cells

One of the biggest green ‘smart city’ projects in northern Europe is starting up right now in Aarhus, Denmark. It all revolves around a public housing complex which is to be fitted with new and intelligent energy systems designed to bring Aarhus closer to the target of a climate-neutral municipality in 2030. Something very special […]

Feeling the heat: Why EU climate targets depend on ditching fossil fuel boilers

Around one-quarter of all EU final energy consumption is used to heat the spaces we live and work in. The European Union has set a target of increasing renewables in heating and cooling by 1.3% every year starting in 2021. Given the pervasiveness of gas heat, it may be a struggle. Why do home heating […]

Identification of EU funding sources for the regional heating and cooling sector

New report provides an overview of relevant EU funding sources for projects aimed at improving energy efficiency and deploying renewable energy in the heating and cooling sector, and to support innovation and job creation at regional level in the same sector. This study covers European funding sources for the current programming period (2014-2020). Where possible, […]