New research partnership for cheaper sustainable energy

Denmark’s four technical universities are to join forces in an unusual major project that will result in a flexible energy system and save billions of DKK by means of artificial intelligence. Aarhus University has joined forces with Denmark’s three other technical universities and the utilities sector in a project that will result in a flexible […]

Study finds Ireland is one of worst countries in Europe for generating renewable heat

Up to 57% of the country’s total heat demand could be covered by district heating networks, according to the Irish District Energy Association. That is one of the key findings of the ‘Heat Atlas for Ireland’ study by the body. It also found that Ireland currently ranks as one of the worst countries in Europe […]

Innovative installation can produce three times as much energy as traditional solar cells

One of the biggest green ‘smart city’ projects in northern Europe is starting up right now in Aarhus, Denmark. It all revolves around a public housing complex which is to be fitted with new and intelligent energy systems designed to bring Aarhus closer to the target of a climate-neutral municipality in 2030. Something very special […]

District heating: Record factory becomes energy hub

A former record factory that pressed tracks by TheBeatles, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd has been turned into a state-of-the-art district heating hub in west London. The Old Vinyl Factory is being regenerated as an art deco hub of offices, homes, restaurants, shops, cinema and live music venue, and the district energy system will provide heating and hot […]

Wastewater and seawater tested as sources for Copenhagen district heating

A new heat pump in Copenhagen will collect energy from both wastewater and seawater and test how the energy can be used in district heating. The capacity of the heat pump corresponds to district heating for 1,100 Copenhagen households. Large electric heat pumps are expected to be essential technology in the future sustainable energy system. […]