Visit from Baden Württemberg – a 3 day program in Denmark

A group of DH specialist from Baden Württemberg are coming for a 3 day visit to Denmark. The visit was organised in a close cooperation between the Danish Embassy in Berlin, the Danish Energy Agency, State of Green, DBDH and not least KEA BW. The German delegation had explicitly asked for site visits that would appeal […]

Repairing the heart of Copenhagen’s district heating system

Ramboll has assisted The Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company (CTR) in replacing the main valves of Copenhagen’s district heating transmission system. Due to an unstable operation, the valves of ‘chamber 130.12’ needed to be replaced, which is the heart of the Copenhagen district heating system delivering heat to approximately 250,000 households. This is the first […]

Aurubis and enercity start up largest industrial heat supply in Germany

With the words “Wärme frei!” (“Release the heat!”), heat began to flow to the Hamburg district HafenCity East today. On the Aurubis plant premises, First Mayor of Hamburg Peter Tschentscher, Environmental Senator Jens Kerstan, Aurubis AG CEO Jürgen Schachler, enercity AG CEO Susanna Zapreva, and Aurubis’ Head of Energy Affairs Ulf Gehrckens turned a large […]

London joins global drive to make new buildings net zero carbon by 2030

In August, London joined 18 other cities, including Copenhagen, Paris, New York, Sydney and Tokyo, representing a total of 130 million citizens, in pledging to ensure that new buildings operate at net zero carbon by 2030. Buildings are a major source of greenhouse gases, typically accounting for more than half of a city’s emissions. In […]

€50m natural gas-to-biomass work proposed

Investor Rivneteploenergo and the municipality of Rivne have jointly outlined a new strategy to decarbonise the city in western Ukraine. Last week the two held a press conference to unveil a €50m plan for the “partial” replacement of the city’s natural gas-fired heating with biomass. Rivneteploenergo managing director Ivan Nadein also said the work would […]