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During the past 15 years, many of Ukraine’s neighboring countries have upgraded District Heating (DH) systems making DH a financially sustainable way of providing good quality heat and hot water services at affordable prices. Ukraine has not made this transition. Ukraine has kept regulation, ownership and operation of DH companies in the hands of local governments, and kept tariffs well below the levels needed to provide good quality service.

Roughly 60 percent of heat is lost in the network and during end-use. Most of the assets are close to or beyond the end of their design life resulting in low quality of service and higher operating costs. Poor service has caused dissatisfaction and distrust among customers.

There is a great need for heat metering and more efficient heat distribution to help the DH companies optimize the design of supply systems, thus improving quality of service and reducing cost of supply.

Ukraine has taken important steps in this direction recently by shifting the regulation of heat tariffs to the national level through the creation of the utilities market regulator.

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