Intego is one of Denmark’s most specialised and customer-oriented companies within the field of electrical technology solutions intended for clients within the following sectors: Corporate, Industry and Infrastructure.

Our head office is located in Aalborg, and along with our departments in Aarhus, Hedensted, Herning, Kibaek, Esbjerg, Skovlund, Aabenraa, Kolding, Odense and Karlslunde our organisation employs more than 550 skilled members of staff. Our local presence enables our clients to draw upon the services of a local supplier with a nation-wide network and reach, thus ensuring maximum flexibility and efficiency.

When choosing Intego as your service partner you are ensured access to an experienced partner with a great range of competences within electrical technology and other mechanical solutions. We take pride in making our services available 24 hours a day all year round. We possess extensive knowledge of the industry in which we operate and have great insight into the facilities and challenges of the clients we serve.

Client satisfaction is our main objective throughout all aspects of our operations. We are not content until each assignment has been solved to your complete satisfaction. Intego is an ISO 9001 certified company, which in turn is your guarantee that we deliver the highest possible quality throughout our work processes.

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Intego A/S

Blytækkervej 3-7

9000 Aalborg

Phone: 9936 4000
Fax: 9936 4040
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Morten Spangtoft Hansen

Sales Engineer, Intego Shelters

Phone: 9936 4041
Mobile: 4173 7161