Switzerland: Plans for solar district heating pilot system

“Why is there no solar district heating in Switzerland?” Swiss scientists were asking after visit to Denmark. They had been investigating the feasibility of solar heat in district heating networks in the St Gallen canton and published a 50-page study this March (see the attached document in German). As it […]

Lithuania: Can solar thermal beat low biomass heat prices?

With biomass prices on the rise, solar district heating could become profitable in Lithuania. But without investment grants, payback periods were still too long, it said in the conclusion of a 2015 SDH market study by LEI, the Lithuanian Energy Institute (see the attached document in Lithuanian). The photo […]

UK ‘eco-town’ to feature solar and district heating

A planned housing development in the UK is to feature solar panels and district heating.

The £80m Elmsbrook eco-town development in Oxfordshire is a joint venture between building firm Crest Nicholson and housing provider A2 Dominion.

The town will feature 232 ‘eco-homes’ on a 10 ha site, with 30 per cent […]

Solar energy to boost EU’s thermal heating

Solar heating could cover more than 80% of domestic heating requirements in Nordic countries

Solar energy has the potential to generate over 80% of heating energy from thermal storage for Finnish households, according to researchers at Aalto University.

As the price of heating energy obtained from solar heating systems needed to […]

Solar thermal district heating could help UK decarbonize

The UK could benefit from integrating solar thermal technology into district heating schemes, a new article has claimed.

Writing for the Energy Institute, Kathy McVeigh, managing director of solar heating systems firm CoolSky, argued that the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) new £320m ($423m) fund to support district […]

New subsidy program for 4th generation district heating in Germany

The German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy launched a new subsidy scheme for ‘District Heating Pilot Projects 4.0’ on the 1st of July. In order to get funding, district heating networks have to cover at least 50 % of the annual heat consumption from renewable energy sources or […]

Solar District Heating Means Big Business

Solar district heating is attractive business. Not only does this become obvious when looking at the 347 MWth of newly installed SDH capacity in Denmark in 2016, but also when one hears about Big Solar, a 250 MWth collector field – with 1.8 million m² of seasonal storage – […]

Polish district heating sector – from coal to solar?

The European Project SDHp2m is addressing the market uptake challenges to increase the share of Solar District Heating in Europe, and more specifically in Poland and other selected European regions. The IEO, the Polish Institute for Renewable Energy, is a member of the project consortium. Approximately only 7.4% of […]

Denmark: Solar district heating capacity nearly doubled in 2016

Last year was a record-breaking one for new solar district heating (SDH) installations in Denmark. With 31 new SDH systems and 5 plant expansions, the newly installed collector area grew at double the rate of 2015 and totalled 495,226 m² (347 MWth). The year prior saw 15 plants built […]

Energy efficient pumping solutions for solar district heating

DESMI has supplied energy efficient, in-line, vertical NSL centrifugal pumps for one of the world’s largest solar heating plants: The Dronninglund Solar Thermal (District Heating) Plant in the northern part of Denmark.

This particular solar district heating plant has a water thermal storage reservoir of 60,000 m³. 2,982 solar panels […]

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