31 March – 4 April
DH sector visit to Astana & Almaty, Kasakhstan. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

Export Promotion Scotland. Contact: Ricky Bjørkvik

5-8 May
Madrid, Spain – Genera Exhibition. Contact: Ricky Bjørkvik

5-8 May
AGFW En + Eff Mess. Contact: Ricky Bjørkvik

6-9 May
DH sector visit Scotland. Contact: Ricky Bjørkvik

12-14 May
Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visit to Poland. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

23-26 June
Export promotion Germany. Contact: Ricky Bjørkvik

16-17 June
Visit by delegation from Poland, headed by IGCP. Contact Pia Zimmermann

25-29 August
Export promotion China. Contact: Lars Hummelmose

22-26 September
Export promotion Russia. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

30 September – 2 October
Sweden – Elmia exhibition. Contact: Ricky Bjørkvik

6-9 October
DH Sector Visit Poland. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

21- 23 October
Croatia – official visit. Contact: Lars Hummelmose

3-5 November
DH Sector Visit France. Contact: Ricky Bjørkvik

24-25 November
Lithuania. Contact: Ricky Bjørkvik



27 March
General assembly & energy conference, Christiansborg

12 June
Members´ meeting and dinner, Hotel Hesselet, Nyborg

11 September
Annual meeting of Fjernvarmeindustrien

27 November
Members’ meeting and dinner, Odder Park Hotel, Odder


Planned activities

Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province
Danish heating solutions brainstorm to local customers

June 2014
Dalian-Jinzhou, Liaoning Province

Shanxi Province

Quarterly meeting and working group meeting with CDHA

DBDHC Shanxi event (Week 42)

DBDHC China Cooling Promotion – Ningbo (TBC) or DBDHC event in Huhhot – ADB project

Quarterly meeting



28-29 April
Euroheat & Power Conference and Anniversary, Brussels, Belgium

19-22 May
Delegation visit from Estonia

17-19 June
Delegation visit from Castilla y Leon. Contact: Ricky Bjørkvik

7 October
Temamøde Fjernkøling, Kolding

30-31 October
Dansk Fjernvarmes landsmøde, Aalborg

October / November
Lithuania – network activity