18 – 22 January 2010

District cooling promotion tour to the south of China arranged by DBDHC

1-5 March, tentative

Russia: Fact finding visit to Krasnoyarsk & Irkutsk

25 March

Denmark: General assembly & members dinner, Christiansborg

11 April

Pentagon visits Elsinore to study World Class District Energy

13 April

China: DBDH China general assembly

10-14 May, tentative

Russia: Factifinding visit to Novosibirsk & Omsk


Copenhagen: Workshop at the Danish Parliament
District Heating & Wind Energy

17-20 May

District Heating Sector Visit to Holland

7-11 June

Denmark: Polish District Heating Delegation Road Show

9 June

Delegation visit from Latvia

13-16 June

IDEA´s 101st Annual Conference and Trade Show
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

14-20 June

Russia: District Heating Sector Visit to Krasnoyarsk & Irkutsk

23-25 June

CDEA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada

26 August

Denmark: Members meeting & members dinner, Jutland or Funen

8 September

Willy Søvndal (from the Socialist People´s Party) and a delegation from the Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH) visit Brædstrup District Heating

14 Septemper

Tartastan PM visiting DBDH

15 September

The Netherlands: DBDH speaks at Heating Congress in Eindhoven.

21 September

Seattle Delegation visiting DBDH

28 September

Shandong Delegation visiting DBDH

29-30 September

DBDH is participating the World Climate Solutions

27 September-1 October

Russia: District Heating Sector Visit to Novosibirsk & Omsk

29 September-4 October

Canada: DBDH speaks at CANBIO in Vancouver

24-26 October

Road show to Madrid and Barcelona

27-29 October

Expobioenergia Valladolid

7 October

Denmark: Members meeting & members dinner

28-29 October

Denmark: Dansk Fjernvarmes Annual Meeting, Aarhus

7-9 November

DBDH particpant at the IDEA District Cooling Conference in Doha, Qatar

11-12 November

DBDH speaker at Combined Heat and Power Summit, Düsseldorf, Germany

November, tentative

District Heating Sector Visit to the Baltics/Ukraine, Kasakhstan

November, tentative

District Heating Sector Visit to UK