26-30 January

Russia: Preparation visit. DBDH w/Pia Zimmerman to Nizhny Novgorod & Jaroslavl with embassy in Moscow

5 February

Denmark: Members meeting & members dinner, Hotel Haraldskjær, Vejle

6 February

Denmark: Members discussion on future strategy for DBDH, Hotel Haraldskjær, Vejle

9-13 February

USA (Washington/Carolina): IDEA´s 22nd Annual Campus Energy Conference, Jes B. Christensen participates on behalf of DBDH NA

2 March

China: DBDH China general assembly. DBDH w/Jes B. Christensen participates

17-19 March

Serbia: DBDH participates in Annual Meeting of the Serbian District Heating Association, TOPS, in Brzeze. DBDH contact: Pia Zimmermann

22-25 March

USA: DBDH participates in panel discussions addressing climate change with urban sustainability solutions in CHicago in conjunction to the visit of HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

22-24 March

Slovenia: Portoroz. DBDH participates in the “International Conference of Distric Energy”. DBDH contact: Lars Gullev

26 March

Denmark: General assembly & members dinner, Christiansborg

30 March – 1 April

Hungary: Danish District Heating Days in Budapest. DBDH contact: Jes B. Christensen

2 April

Copenhagen: Workshop at the Danish Parliament. Registration here. Contact Jes B. Christensen

21 – 22 April

Sweden: Swedish District Heating Association Annual Conference in Båstad. Jes B. Christensen participates as speaker

20-24 April

Russia: DBDH export drive to Russian regions in Nizhny Novgorod & Jaroslavl. DBDH contact: Pia Zimmermann

18-22 May

Russia: Preparation visit. DBDH w/Pia Zimmerman to Ufa & Orenburg with embassy in Moscow, tentatively

25-26 May

Venice: Euroheat & Power Congress 2009: “Climate talks, climate action – DHC leading the way to Copenhagen

11 June

Denmark: Members meeting & members dinner, Hotel Sixtus, Middelfart

29 June – 3 July

USA: DBDH participates at IDEA´s 100th Annual Conference & Trade Show in Arlington, Virginia. Contact Jes B. Christensen.

9 September

Mongolia: DBDH participates in UBDH Co. 50 Year Anniversary. Contact Jes B. Christensen

16 September

Brussels: Workshop. Contact Jes B. Christensen (TBC)

1 October

Denmark: Members meeting & members dinner

19-23 October

Dubai, tentatively

29-30 October

Denmark: Dansk Fjernvarmes Annual Meeting, Aalborg

NB! 2-4 November

Denmark: “mini COP conference”: District energy: leading the way to Copenhagen”

9-13 November

Russia: DBDH w/Pia Zimmerman to Ufa & Orenburg

24 November

Lithuania: Energy Efficiency 2009 – a measure for contributing to environmental protection efforts around the Baltic Sea. DBDH participates as speaker. Contact Jes B. Christensen.

7 December – 18 December

COP15 and COP/MOP5: Conference of the Parties (COP), Fifteen session and Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP/MOP), Fifth session.

COP15 update
• Friday 11 December: Executive President for Ontario Sustainable Energy Association Mr. Kristopher Stevens will visit Amager Waste-to-Energy Facility and meet with DBDH and CTR discussing Danish Energy Policy and District Heating.

• Saturday and Sunday 12, 13 December: DBDH will participate at Bright Green accompanying Mr. Robert P. Thornton, President for IDEA, and Jeffrey Ball, journalist for the Wall Street Journal

• Tuesday 15 December: DBDH will accompany Senator Shaheen, New Hampshire and potentially other Senators visiting AVV CHP followed by a meeting at DBDH and CTR discussing the CHP/DHC policy and how Denmark became:

– Self-sufficient with energy from a 98% dependency on oil from the Middle East
– Successfully decoupling economic growth from energy consumption
– Reducing the Green House Gasses while making money doing so (exports and jobs)

= utilizing the district heating technology with Combined Heat and Power Production in Denmark.

• Tuesday 15 December: DBDH and Frederiksberg Forsyning hosts a Chinese Delegation headed by actress Ms. Li Bingbing talking in general about district heating and cooling.

• Wednesday 16 December: DBDH will accompany a journalist from Wall Street Journal to AVV and also meet at DBDH and CTR discussing above bullets.

• Thursday 17 December: DBDH will host a meeting with a delegation from Nova Scotia, including the Environment Minister Mr. Belliveau, and representatives from Manitoba.