17-19 January
Export promotion in Scotland. Contact: Morten Duedahl

8-10 March
DH sector visit to the Netherlands. Contact: Morten Duedahl

19-21 April
DH sector visit to Serbia in cooperation with TOPS. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

24-28 April
DH sector to Ukraine: Kiev, Dnipo, Zaporizhya. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

10-11 May
All-Energy exhibition and conference, Glasgow, Scotland. Contact: Morten Duedahl

6-9 June
DH road show to Poland: Warsaw and regions. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

22 June
Nordrhein-Westfalen – seminar in Düsseldorf. Contact: Morten Duedahl

28 June
DH sector visit to Baden-Württemberg, including mini-seminar. Contact: Morten Duedahl

10-13 September
Danish Exhibition at the Annual Exhibition in Miedzyzdroje, Poland. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

30-31 October
Export promotion Bristol and other cities in South England. Contact: Morten Duedahl

13-17 November
Export promotion Japan & Korea. Contact: Lars Hummelmose

15-17 November
Export promotion Bavaria. Contact: Morten Duedahl

Export promotion Turkey. Contact: Lars Hummelmose

4-6 December
Export promotion Kiev. Contact: Pia Zimmermann



28 March
State Visit to Denmark of the King and the Queen of the Belgians to the Kingdom of Denmark
Signing of Letter of Intent between ARC and ISVAG / Official Signing Ceremony in presence of the ministers
Venue: the Mariott Hotel.
Contact: Morten Duedahl

April 2017
DBDH China: Promotion tour to Shijiazhuang, Hebei province

17-18 May
B2B17 – meet Lockheed Martin in Denmark




24 January
Delegation visit from Russia. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

14 March
Delegation visit from Polish Business for a Green District Heating seminar. Contact: Pia Zimmermann

24-25 April
Delegation visit from Hamborg Energie. Contact: Morten Duedahl

25-26 April
Delegation visit from NATO campus. Contact: Lars Hummelmose

3-5 May
Delegation visit from US Universities. Contact: Lars Hummelmose

12 June
Delegation visit from Finland. Contact: Morten Duedahl

18-22 September
Delegation visit from China. Contact: Lars Hummelmose

11-13 October
Delegation visit from US Universities. Contact: Morten Duedahl

2-3 November
Delegation visit from ISVAG. Contact: Morten Duedahl