Pipe installation in the heart of London – overcoming major challenges

In January 2018, isoplus Piping Systems Ltd. began its biggest ever project in the UK. The project – which is expected to be completed in November involves a replacement of the district heating pipeline to the Acorn Estate, a residential area in Peckham in south-eastern London.
The project amounts to […]

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Latvian city invests in solar district heating

The first solar district heating system in Latvia is being developed in Salaspils. The solar district heating system has a collector field with a total of 1.720 collectors or 21.672 m2. The installation will be the biggest large-scale solar district heating system in Europe – if you do not […]

Good Practice Guide District Energy

Cities worldwide account for over 70% of global energy use and 40-50% of GHG emissions. In a number of cities, heating and cooling represent up to half of local energy consumption  and with projected urban growth, there will be increasing pressure on these key infrastructures. Sustainable urban heating and cooling […]

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Hot Cool questionnaire

Our latest issue of Hot Cool is now online, and we would like to know what you think about this and previous issues of the magazine.

Please spare half a minute to tell us in this questionnaire.



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Denmark disappointed in EU climate proposal

Climate minister Lars Christian Lilleholt had hoped for a more ambitious strategy

A newly minted EU climate proposal has failed to impress the Danes, who had hoped for a more ambitious plan to curb climate change. “I won’t try to hide the fact that I’m disappointed over the result that […]

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University hospital to receive sustainable district cooling from large chalk lake

A University Hospital near the city of Aalborg, Denmark will be cooled with cold water from a deep and ice-cold chalk lake. This will result in large electricity savings and limit CO2-emissions.

An agreement between Aalborg Utility and the North Denmark Region entails that the University Hospital, located in the […]

Facebook to establish another huge data centre in Denmark

The American tech giant is waiting for an official approval from the Danish authorities before moving on with its plans to build a 250,000 m2 data centre outside the city of Esbjerg. It will be Facebook’s second data centre in Denmark, significantly bigger than the first one, which is […]

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Drilling to start on 3rd well for geothermal heating project in Vienna, Austria

Drilling will start for the third well of the geothermal district heating plant in Ried, Austria with first pumping tests expected in January 2019.

In the next few days, drilling will start for the third well of the largest geothermal project in Austria today.

The expansion of the district heating grid […]

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Vattenfall to sell its district heating system in Hamburg

The City of Hamburg has announced that it will make use of the call option agreed with Vattenfall in 2014 to take over the district heating system in the city. The city intends for the repurchase of the heating network by 1 January 2019.

Vattenfall has conducted a dialogue with […]

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District heating and cooling planning made easier with Hotmaps

District heating and cooling (DHC) has many advantages, the best one being that it can be extremely energy efficient. DHC planning though is not easy, partially because of the data gaps and the lack of appropriate tools to support local authorities in the process. The EU-funded Horizon 2020 project […]

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